Our services

Concept Drawings

Getting your ideas down and showing them in a simple clear format.

We supply:

Floor plans

Explore and experiment with different layouts, until you get the ultimate result.

Plans can be coloured for presentation, with designated areas, floor coverings and finishes.


External door and window types and placement, roof pitches, eave overhangs, all can be shown in elevation plans. Ridge and wall heights can be checked against council regulations.

3D Modeling and Rendering

Sophisticated 3D software allows a photo realistic “As Built” model s showing what your new home, addition, or renovation may look like.

Experimenting with different materials and surfaces shows that effects they make on the overall outcome.

3D software also allows you to walk through a home and look around.

Working Drawings


Full  Development Application and Compliant Development documentation.*


  • Site Plan and Analysis
  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Shadow Diagrams (where required)
  • Environmental Impact statement
  • Shadow diagrams (where required)
  • Basix requirements and documentation

*Excluding Surveys, Fire reports, Engineering drawings, and Geo technical reports.

Construction plans for a Builder

These are supplied to the builder and reference detail needed to construct your home. The working drawings include the above but go into more detail and typically will include

Roof  ,Floor and Wall detail, Door and Window schedule ,Specifications of Fixtures and Fittings, Material specifics and finishing detail.

Smart homes

What is a Smart Home ?

A Smart home allows nature to do most of the work.

A smart home integrates good design and cutting edge technology.

Whether in the home, of remotely from an iphone or ipad, a Central Communications Control can customize settings in your home.


Create Ambience with energy efficient lighting ,where possible solar panels can be used.

Outdoor lighting also enhances the entertaining experience, increase street appeal, and  create atmosphere.


Saving water is a good idea. In conjunction with the latest water efficient fixtures, and appliances, recycling tanks, we design to ensure efficient use.

Thermal comfort and Insulation

Materials and design can work hand in hand to create thermal comfort.

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Insulation (SPF), is great for under floor and wall insulation.

Walls can be built for thermal mass (masonry and feature stone walls retain warmth) from the sun and radiate out on cooling.

Double Glazed Windows

There are many options with windows. No longer is design  compromised  by functionality.

Although Australia has a temperate climate, a double glazed window will  create a comfortable and secure home, lower your carbon footprint and suppress noise.

Energy efficient

An energy efficient home is the sum of many parts.

This must be done without compromising comfort, design and functionality.

Using nature and technology to work together.

Other Services


From Concept to completion, we only deal with the best Builders, Carpenters, Engineers and Surveyors, this ensures a first class result with exceptional standard of workmanship, finishes, and attention to detail.